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Acer Machinery Co., Ltd. Jinan is a specialized packaging equipment design, development and manufacture of integrated enterprise, the company has advanced production equipment, strong technical force, we can design and manufacture products according to the different needs of customers. Series Wrapping equipment company mainly provides design, development and production of various packaging systems; at the same time, operating a variety of packaging equipment, packaging tools and packaging materials.

Main products: tray, tray-free, cylindrical, radial, horizontal winding machine; balers, strapping, shrink packaging machines and other equipment, equipment widely used in glass, paper, chemicals, building materials, textiles beverage, electronics, food, medicine and other industries.

The company "for business services, reduce costs, reduce labor intensity, standardized, automated, unmanned production" business philosophy, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, to meet customer needs as our service. In absorbing foreign advanced technology, independent research and development of new packaging equipment, the introduction of "more efficient, more reliable, more economical," the machine, invites customers to come to counseling, visits, business negotiations. The company is willing to provide you with good quality and inexpensive packaging equipment, offers full service, the success of your business is what we strive for the goal, let us join the future, create brilliant!

Acer machine will be quality products, professional sound service to new and existing customers satisfied.

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