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Important influence on modern enterprise packaging

Jinan Acer machines, experts say, in the modern era, the tool instead of manual labor has become a common phenomenon also in the field of packaging, packaging machinery also played a significant role following can see the importance of the packaging machine.:
(1) can reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions for labor intensive manual packaging, such as by hand packing bulky, heavy weight of products, both physical consumption, nor safe; and for light and small products, due to a higher frequency, monotonous action, easy to get occupational workers.
(2) in favor of labor protection of workers for some serious impact on the health of the products, such as severe dust, toxic products, irritating, radioactive products, with manual packaging inevitably endanger health, and mechanical packaging can be avoided, and can effectively protect the environment is not polluted.
(3) packaging machinery can effectively guarantee the quality of packaging machinery and packaging according to the requirements of packaged goods, in accordance with the required form, size, get the same specification packaging, and manual packaging is not guaranteed
(4) packaging machinery such as winding machine can greatly improve the labor productivity of packaging machinery faster than the manual packaging, such as candy wrappers, hand bag bag of sugar 1min only ten pieces, and candy packaging machine up or even hundreds of pieces per minute thousand, improve efficiency several times.
(5) can be achieved by hand packing operation can not be achieved, some packaging operations, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, skin packaging, pressure filling, etc., are all handmade packaging can not be achieved, can only be achieved by mechanical packaging.
(6) can reduce the packaging cost, transportation cost savings for loose products, such as cotton, tobacco, silk, linen, etc., using compression packing machine compression packing, which can greatly reduce the volume, thereby reducing packaging costs.
Obviously the above description illustrates the importance of packaging machinery of modern society, Jinan Acer machine Main winding machines, balers and other automation tools, if necessary, welcome to inquire.

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