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Safe handling issues of horizontal wrapping machin

Horizontal wrapping machine Wrapping Machine is a device in larger aircraft than the whole pallet wrapping machine works are very different, due to the greater its volume, so whether it is placed or are required to use more attention security issues, here are some issues that need attention.
1, not in the device work, open the shield door. Due to the principle of horizontal wrapping machine is driven by the film roll mold rotates around the object to achieve the packaging, it is easy to produce in the course of their work a certain risk, it is surrounded by equipment fitted with a protective cover. role of the shield is to ensure the security, so that users do not open the door of the shield at shutdown state when not using the device.
2, in strict accordance with the rules and operations. When the user uses the device for some time, the operation flow problem, often overlooked, resulting in some degree of security risk, so we emphasize that in the use of equipment to operate the equipment in strict accordance with the rules in order to avoid unnecessary risk.
3. Make sure that the electrical connection of safety equipment. Due to the large volume level winding machine, so it needs to be placed in relatively open terrain where it is possible to create obstacles electrical connection problem, but no matter what difficulties exist , the electrical connection should be pay attention to security issues, to ensure effective access to power at the same time to ensure that there will be no safety problems device power during operation.
These are the safe handling problems Jinan Acer machine to introduce you to a level winding machine, automatic winding machine, wrapping machine, palletizing robots are the main products of our company, you are welcome to come to buy, give you the most sincere service!

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