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Customer Case
Loukia, silver pocket inside the animal that was once a considerable number of players who love, although Pokemon era has advanced to the DP era, but in many people's minds, Loukia, still has enough strength and popularity, even PM on the whole world is concerned, it is also tied for the Dragon and Phoenix and four stands at the apex of Pokemon, once in the theatrical version, and Trinity bird fight, using biological standpoint shield to protect the little wisdom, and in a pinch, to a record "air blast" destroyed the tall buildings and rocket mission control center, power unprecedented, Loukia, this life in the deep sea, and only when the world is no longer balanced, everything will come out to save, had been known as the "god of the sea," it, flapping its wings, it can lead to dozens of days of stormy good enough to explain it with students, according to some natural ability.
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